xPengy is an RT'er more commonly known as Pengpaw4. She changed her username 6/4/2016, at Midnight. She's very snappy but a generally friendly person. She has a bittersweet kind of personality.


xPengy began foruming in 2012 at OT until she got 1K posts. By December, she had moved to RT. She was noticed before the start of Summer 2013, as she had posted very little before then. She was very temperamental and caused a lot of flame wars. She started posting less in 2014 and ended up not posting at all by 2015. She came back in 2016 with a different attitude but ultimately the same personality.

She has 16,000 posts as of 6/10/2016.

She has 17,000 posts as of 6/21/2016.


  • She is associated with Pleased.
  • She lives 420 miles from Pleased.
  • She can be found in S&I frequently.
  • According to PsychopathicWabbit, she is harsh.
  • Her threads are typically about Sims, cats, or asking for help on ROBLOX-related things.
  • She has made a total of 11 threads the past 3 months.
  • She makes a new poll on Twitter every Tuesday.
  • She's partially known for her Hunger Games simulators.
  • Spoole47858 was her first ROBLOX account.
  • Is blatantly obvious on her dislike to Cloudfang50 due to his hobby of stalking.
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