cool kids united

Cool kids united

  • coolest kid!: Rat_Dog
  • Syntaxical: Syntaxical

Feline Fanatics


legendary idiots

Legendary Idiots

  • the idiot owner: Reggus
  • the idiot who made this group: Nrav, Hanolas
  • administrative idiots: malleoninja200, jennapenna2

No Fun Allowed


  • Baron of Monotony: keeltoll3456
  • Privileged Person: Cdii, dash

ROBLOX Talk Cafe

Roblox talk cafe

  • Co-Owner: Nustra
  • Owner: froxxxxx
  • Workers: Kotov_Syndrome, 4InForeign, Deeear, divergenbustun, Dostoevski, jumpykilldestroy, Pleased, Zero_Quake, Laaren, Hanolas

RT Council


  • Owner: Nitrocell
  • Head of Council: Nustra, Tekkyon
  • Council Member: Dostoevski, Dakoto99, froxxxxx, Invictium, Guestiy, Structus, VendettatheGreat, Polymind, SuperfastA

RT Partiers


  • King Party: An_Architect
  • Admin Party: xPengy

the window lickers

The window lickers

  • Big Papi: Markilo
  • Dumbass: isReallyACat, Galvantua
  • actual owner: dustyshirt

Unpopular RTers

Unpopular RTers

  • Not an expeRT: microk
  • Co-Owner: n/a