MUGEN Raid on RT Edit


MUGEN, a ROBLOX "Myth," is a Satanic group filled with people dressed in all black with a white sailor cap. There are multiple theories about who and what they are, but it is unknown to this day.

This group had raided ROBLOX Talk one day, making it impossible to create any threads for a while. Casiok tried to host a party at the bunker, but failed, because the bots ended up joining that server and ruined the game for everyone.

OT Raid on RT Edit

9:00 PM EST, November 2014, OT had raided RT. RT was very angry at them for doing this. 81U told them to stop, but they would not listen, only increasingly becoming worse. RT had to move to C&G until they stopped. In the end, several of the OTers moved back. The ones who hadn't returned ended up with warnings and, for some, account terminations.

Nutella's MLP Spam Edit

2/1/2015, NutellaNatures had spammed a lot of My Little Pony posts. Most RT'ers went against him. Some hid in OT. Even more accounts spammed MLP. Those either were an alt of Nutella or RTers who sided with him.

DominusTRex Raid on RT Edit

6/12/2016, a V3rmillion user/exploiter/botter/account stealer named DominusTRex spammed threads all over RT. These threads prevented anyone from communicating with each other on RT. They had also spammed in Off Topic, but they recovered quickly when the moderators removed the accounts spamming there. Shortly after, they moved to RT and removed almost all of the threads in RT.

A user named SheriffTaco had found one of the lost threads after the attack. You can view it here: